What is Élan and why should I use it?

Élan is a news/alert aggregation app driven by communities around the world. Communities (called Jamaats) will maintain several channels managed by clubs and other organizations to share information that users will find useful.

Due to the high adoption of the smartphone, communities can now easily distribute their notices and information faster, more cheaply and with a very small footprint to the environment.

If your Jamaat is using the Élan System, you will be able to receive alerts through the Élan App, available in iOS and Android. If you would like to introduce Élan to your Jamaat, please get in touch with us through elan@digitalarc.lk. Please state your Jamaat name, city, country, Jamaat size etc, when contacting us.

How can Élan be used in my Jamaat (Community)?

Drop us a mail with your details (Jamaat name, city, country, Jamaat size etc) at elan@digitalarc.lk and we will get in touch with you. Typically, an account will be created for your Jamaat Office or Sansta (club or organization) through which messages can be sent. All devices registered with the Jamaat will then receive messages.

Why don't I receive any messages?

There could be one of many reasons for this:

What is the SMS list?

The SMS list has been introduced for users to automatically forward any new Élan Messages as an SMS. All those within the family or friends circle who do not have the Élan App installed on their phone, can now be forwarded these messages. The user can manage who the messages are being forwarded to by adding their mobile numbers to the list. Upon reaching the Elan Message, it will be forwarded to the entire list. This feature is available on Android Only.

How many numbers can I forward the SMS to?

Theoratically, there is no limit to the numbers you can automatically forward Élan messages to. The limitations will be with the capabilities of your phone. Please note that any SMS charges will be applied to your mobile phone number.

Can I temporarily stop SMS messages from being automatically forwarded?

Yes, you can unselect "Automatically send SMS". This feature has been included in case you are travelling abroad and SMS charges may be too high for SMS forwarding. Additionally, having this option selected or unselected does not make a difference to the SMS list itself.

Élan has been lovingly developed by